April Snow


Even though spring is here, winter is still hanging on. Today the area is under a blizzard warning and the snow is flying. While driving in downtown Colorado Springs, I caught this image with my Samsung 4G phone. The cool thing about the camera on these phones is the enormous depth of field, somewhat like a pinhole camera.

Robin Attack

Saturday morning, and the wind is blowing outside with a bone-chilling bite to it. As I look out the window, I see robins literally attacking the enduring fruit still clinging to the tree branches in my backyard.


As usual for Colorado Springs, the first weekend of spring is here, it is freezing, and the snow is flying. Although the calendar indicates that the first day of spring passed by only a few days ago, we still have a few snow storms left before we hear that wonderful sound of thunder and enjoy the fresh smell of rain; it doesn’t usually warm up along the Front Range area until May. There are a few other subtle springtide observations encouraging me, such as tulips emerging from winter slumber, the distension of the buds on the trees. Though it is cold out, another sure sign that spring is here is that the robins are back, and in large numbers this year. I have about twelve to fifteen birds hanging out in the back yard, waiting for warmer weather; however, with the ground covered in snow, the robins are looking for food anywhere they can find it. This particular robin (pictured above) was relishing the small crabapples still clinging to the tree branches. Even though the shriveled apple has been on the tree since last year, it still took some work before the robin was able to twist and yank the fruit free from the tree. Seeing these birds return to the area makes me anxious for milder weather. I cannot wait to see the cherry blossoms, and other flowing trees, come to life in the next month or so.