The End of Summer Is Near

Yes, the end of summer is approaching, but with this end brings the harvest and the anticipation of fall color. This weekend I picked fresh red and yellow tomatoes, jalapenos, tomatillos, but had to buy the onion to make some great salsa.  I will hold off as long as I can before picking the Anaheim chilies in order to make some green salsa. While in the garden, I also did some weeding and found a Yellow Salsify going to seed. Although a weed, it makes for some interesting photos.

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Springfield XD 45 ACP

Springfield XD 45 ACP

I recently visited the Cheyenne Mountain Shooting Complex for the first time and I have to say it is a very nice shooting complex.  The range is located south of Colorado Springs just east of Fort Carson. I took my son and his friend and we were all impressed with the professionalism of staff and the reasonable prices for target stands and targets. It was cold when we got there and seemed to get even colder as the afternoon went on and the clouds started to build.  After going through a couple of boxes of 45s with my XD – this was the first time I had a chance to shoot this gun since I had purchased it – and it seemed to feel better in my hand, the more I shot it. The 357.revolver was also a lot of fun, just wish we could have had something other than paper to shoot at.  I snapped off several photos of my son while he fired off several rounds with my XD-45. I liked this one the best.

Hummingbird Family

Every year in mid-July, we are treated with the return of these interesting little creatures. The number of hummingbirds that show up varies each year from three to four; consisting of an adult male and female and one to two offspring. I can only speculate that they must come down from the mountains after raising their young because I rarely see any of these guys in May or June. I am always happy to see that they have returned each summer with new additions to their family. I have no idea if these are the same pair traveling through each year, but I wouldn’t doubt it since I see so many other species of birds that return year after year to our backyard.  I am just glad to see them here and to have an opportunity to take their photo.

It is amazing how their feathers reflect such brilliant colors. Depending on the angle of the light source, you can end up with a photo of a bird that is a dull grey and black to a bird displaying an array of vibrant colors. This is especially true with the male species.